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Allied Precision Clock

Allied Precision No.100 Clock

Historical transaction records of Allied Precision No.100 Clock Description: Allied Precision, Model No. 100, 1936 Clear Lucite case with Gold Grid insert, Gold Dial and Numbers. Condition Excellent. 5″ Square x 2 1/4″ Manufacturer: Allied Precision Clock Type: Retail Price Type: Auction Price Realized: Sold Date: 4/17/2003 Courtesy of

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Allied Mfg. Co. KIT KAT Clock

Historical transaction records of Allied Mfg. Co. KIT KAT Clock Description: C.1955, Allied Mfg. Co., Seattle, “KIT KAT” Clock, 110v in good running order. A couple of Chinese companies have reproduced this clock, however the new ones will NOT run. This one retains its original cord in good condition and is running fine. Note both […]

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United “Ballerina” Electric Clock

Historical transaction records of United “Ballerina” Electric Clock 1.Description: United Self Starting, “Ballerina” model, animation, music, and time, C. 1955. She dances as the music plays, and is performing behind a plastic front. Mirror in the back accentuates her movements. Wood and metal case is 13″ wide, 10″ high. Everything is working, clock running, light […]

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Mirror Clock

Waltham Large Mirror Clock

Historical transaction records of Waltham Large Mirror Clock Description: Waltham Clock Company large mirror clock, 50″ high. This large, heavy case has a wood frame decorated all around with carved and applied trim. No damage anywhere which is very unusual that it isn’t chipped somewhere. Long stem winds from the side. It will need to […]

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Double Statue Figural Clock

Seth Thomas Double Statue Figural Clock

Historical transaction records of Seth Thomas Double Statue Figural clock Description: C.1875, Seth Thomas Sons and Co., New York, Pattern no. 8055, double statue figural clock, Music and Art, in excellent original condition. The spelter case retains original dark bronze finish in great shape with only minimal wear on sharp edges. Porcelain dial is signed […]

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Papier-mâché Clock

Anglo-American Papier-mâché Wall Clock

Historical transaction records of Anglo-American Papier-mâché Wall Clock Description: C.1875, Anglo-American Papier-mache wall clock, with an open spring time and strike movement, probably New Haven. Condition: the case has an old crack to the right of 10 o’clock, however otherwise, retains its original tole painted decorations in pretty good condition. There are some losses here […]

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